The Leadership Academy event was attended by 20 participants consisting of Anak Inovator (lit. Innovator Children) and teen TBI staffs with the aim of increasing their soft skills and learning how to network. This activity was organized by the Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia. The Leadership Academy was held for 2 days from 9 to 10 of July 2019. For the two days, the participants learned about Sustainability Development Goals (SDG), leadership, feedback, and developed action plans for the activities that they will implement in their TBI library.

According to Elisnawati from TBI Hedy Lamarr who participated in the event, the leadership academy gave her a new experience. She has understood that a leader must have a leadership spirit, be an example for those around, have a good personality, and be critical. Elis hoped to apply the knowledge in her daily life and also put it in practice in her organizational activities at school. The Leadership Academy also positively impacted other Anak Inovator who are currently active as student council members in their respective schools. Davi and Azzura, for instance, would apply the method they learned about giving good feedback to fellow friends in the organization. They also would like to apply the action plan method learned during the event for developing student body programs at their school. Ghofur, a participant who represented TBI Thomas Alva Edison and also the chairman of the Remaja Tabur Mangrove (RTM), a youth mangrove community, also gained new experiences and learned how to develop a program as well as how to recognize his potentials and what he can do for the advancement of the environment.

In addition to improving the participants’ potentials, the Leadership Academy also helped each participant from 7 different TBI libraries to plan some activities to be carried out at each of the TBI libraries. TBI Isaac Newton, TBI Alexander Graham Bell, TBI Hedy Lamarr, and TBI Si Karel have planned to hold a competition at each TBI library to commemorate Independence Day. Meanwhile, TBI Albert Einstein’s will hold a book club for children who frequently visit the library, while participants from TBI Fireflies planned to hold a book exhibition around the TBI library area so that the books can be read by villagers. At the same time, participants from TBI Thomas Alva Edison would conduct waste selection and mangrove planting activities with RTM youth mangrove community.

Leadership Academy training had positively impacted Anak Inovator and TBI staffs. It also supported the sustainability of TBI libraries in the regions. Hopefully, the Leadership Academy or similar activities can be carried out again in the future to increase TBI staffs’ soft skills and become a learning opportunity for them. This activity can also be looked in this link   (Ari Ismi Hidayah)

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