To celebrate world book day, I volunteered to accompany children from Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) libraries to visit the Fatahillah Museum in the Old City, Jakarta. The volunteers were divided into several teams, and I was assigned to accompany children from Si Karel Tenjo TBI library with Kak Makki and 3 other volunteers. Our meeting point was the Palmerah Station, where I met Kak Makki who arrived at the station before me.

After waiting for some time for other volunteers to arrive, we finally left for the TBI library. Kak Makki, 3 other volunteers, a Bobo Magazine crew and I went by train to reach the library. When we arrived at the Tenjo station, we prayed together first, hoping that our activities would go smoothly that day. We then continued our journey to the library. When reached the library, the children had been waiting for us.

I was tasked to accompany the children in group 1. After praying together, we continued our journey and went back to the station on foot. The

train was full, so some of us stood during the trip. Nevertheless, that did not stop the children’s enthusiasm to read on the train.

Some of the passengers

were curious and asked questions. We explained that we are celebrating the world book day with this activity where we would go to Tanah Abang Station then continue the journey to the old city in Jakarta with a bus along with the children who are the regular visitors of Si Karel Tenjo TBI library. We then arrived at the Old City, and finally visited the Fatahillah Museum.

After strolling around the museum, we rested, ate, and prayed. Then, the children played with rented colored bicycles around the museum. Even though the sun was very hot that afternoon, the children remained very enthusiastic. The Kereadta for Kids event was fun for me, as I could see that the children from the Si Karel Tenjo TBI library were very happy. I hope they would always like to read because they would gain more and more knowledge through reading.

After playing, the children took a bus to go back to Tenjo with Kak Fajri. Thank you Taman Baca Inovator for another wonderful opportunity. I could not wait for the next exciting activity. Happy Book Day! Viva Literacy! And, don’t forget to read. (Santi Amelia)

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