In today’s world, Gadgets are commonly used in communities and families. Gadgets could help us to communicate and receive information easily. However, they are not always correctly used. Parents often introduce gadgets too early to their children by showing videos or music for children to calm their children at home.

However, without us realizing it, using gadgets at an earlier age could give very bad impacts on children. It is not only about the content, but also about the addiction that it could create and its impact on children’s character.


We might not be aware of them, but the effects of gadget use on children’s development could include:

  1. Children only want to eat while watching YouTube videos or listening to music.
  2. While on a trip or when visiting families, children will be agitated and look for gadgets to comfort them.
  3. At home with the family, children will cry if they see their parents or families holding gadgets. They will try to approach and grab the gadgets as they know that the gadgets have so many entertainments to see and listened to, which may negatively impact their characters as they might be stubborn and selfish because of it.


Considering many negative impacts on children due to gadget use, we can apply some of the tips below to anticipate them:

  1. Let children be creative at home or let them play freely outside, instead of forcing them to stay inside and use

    gadget to calm them.

  2. Introduce books to children from an early age, letting them flip every page.
  3. Provide children with educational or musical games without gadgets. Help them to play with other children and have fun.

(Novita Sari Saputri)



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