Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation together with children from TBI Si Karel Tenjo Library held a reading campaign on the Commuterline train with a route that spanned from Tenjo Station to Tanah Abang Station, extended towards the Fatahilah Museum in Jakarta’s Old City area.

The activity was participated by six volunteers, thirty-one students and mentors from TBI Si Karel Tenjo as well as 4 mentors from TBI Head Office. Students selected to take part in this activity were local children who frequent the library to read. The campaign to read books on the train was carried out to celebrate World Book Day which fell on April 23 and to encourage children to read during their free time and develop a reading culture.

Participants who took part in this reading campaign were free to choose their favorite books to read on the train. The activity started at 09.00 AM from Tenjo Station and ended at the Old City Fatahilah Museum. Throughout the trip, the children were

very happy to read on the train even though the train was so crowded and full of passengers. At 10.00 AM, we arrived at Tanah Abang station for transit and continued the journey with a bus to reach the Fatahilah Museum in the Old City. Many children were awed to see tall buildings in Jakarta, including Monas. For them, it was an extraordinary experience since they had never seen the capital city’s tall buildings before.

The Old City Fatahilah Museum is one of the historical museums in Jakarta and a popular educational tourist spot visited by all circles. We arrived at the museum at 11:00 a.m, and after a briefing from the tour guide and team, the children were ready to go around the museum and observe each of its relics. The children were ecstatic, and everyone was happy during the event. In an effort to sharpen the children’s writing and storytelling skills, each child was also assigned to write an interesting story. (Evlina Karlina)

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