We celebrated the National Book Day on 17 May 2019 with volunteers of Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation and literacy activists of Indorelawan Volunteer Hub. The National Book Day was celebrated in a simple manner through a literacy workshop and a book labeling activity. It was very important for us to hold the activity as a team to help build the volunteers’ capability because their contributions have been immensely helpful.

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So far, the volunteers’ contributions have had major impacts on TBI’s programs, namely our daily activities and creative activities as well as our monthly activities such as Ruang Inovator, Videography and Book Labeling activities. For us, the volunteers are one of the keys to maintaining the sustainability of

our programs. Our activities may seem simple, but many volunteers have been working hard behind the scene to make it happen.

As many as 131 people have joined our WhatsApp Group for book labeling and have been involved in our activities. All of them have helped more than one activity for TBI Foundation. Among them, 22 volunteers and 12 literacy activists joined the workshop and book labeling activity that coincided with the National Book Day.

The participants were enthusiastic and eager to learn during the workshop. The materials were presented in two sessions, followed by book labeling activity. The first material was about volunteering capability which was presented by Kak Maritta from Indorelawan. The second session was on literacy and book management and was presented by Kak Fajri from TBI Foundation. The event was closed with book labeling and iftar sessions.

Through the activities, we promoted teamwork and appreciated the contributions of the volunteers. We also provided interesting rewards for selected participants to thank their loyalty to TBI. Even though the National Book Day was celebrated simply, it was very inspiring for all of the participants.

Happy National Book Day!

Viva literacy!

(Evlina Karlina)


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