When was the last time we set aside Rp. 5,000 per day to support the education of Indonesian children? Today? Yesterday? Last week? Or have we forgotten when was the last time we did it? Maybe for us Rp 5,000 is only enough for one-time parking for motorized vehicles, for 1 bottle of mineral drinks or for 1 snack only. However, it turns out that if we collect Rp. 5,000 every day for 1 month, we can help Anak Inovator children through Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) to buy

school equipment, milk, and vitamins, that they may never have and tasted before, and help them with their growth.

If you want to commit to collecting IDR 5,000 per day for 12 months, the money can be used to finance the education of 1 Anak Inovator, namely to buy their shoes, bags, school uniforms, help with their nutrition, books, stationery, and school fees. The money will indeed be very useful for Anak Inovator’s education. This program is called Anak Inovator (lit. Innovator Children) scholarship program and sponsors who take part in this program are called Orang Tua Inovator (lit. Innovator Parents).

Benefiting Others with Rp 5,000 a Day

Currently, Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) has 5 prospective Anak Inovator from TBI Baden Powell. TBI Baden Powel is one of the TBI libraries in the North Tapanuli area. The 5 prospective Child Innovators are; Salom, Bryan, Putri, Chelse, and Angel. All of them are outstanding children from SD Lumban Soit and they are all in the top 3 rankings of their respective classes. The candidates from TBI Baden Powell also have high aspirations. Angel would like to be a teacher, Chelse would like to be a doctor, and Salom would like to be a member of the Indonesian military. However, their families’ economic conditions make their parents feel burdened with school fees and other required fees. Therefore, TBI wanted to invite all of you to be involved in advancing the education of these Anak Inovator by becoming Orang Tua Inovator. Every donation that you give will improve the education of Anak Inovator.

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