Volunteering for Labeling Activity

Volunteering for Labeling Activity

Volunteering for Labeling Activity

Her name is Sari Elhayati Simamora. Sari, that’s how she’s usually called. We met Sari when she volunteered for a labeling activity on the 15 and 16 of October 2018. She told us how she began to be interested in the activity and wanted to be a volunteer for labeling in Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) Foundation. Before she resigned from her job in Pekanbaru, Sari wanted to do a positive activity and saw an ad for Indorelawan. Accordingly, she sought more information about the site and found out that the site posted various short-term and long-term volunteering activities.

In June, Sari moved to Jakarta with his husband who was transferred to the capital city. Since then, she became a full-time homemaker. Sari then started to look for volunteering activities near her home. At that time, Sari lived in Kemayoran, not far from the labeling activity location. Sari selected the labeling activity because she likes books and wanted to work behind the scene as she preferred to not draw too much attention to herself. Initially, she thought that she will act as a librarian and manage general books without any children book in sight.


Sari was very happy to be a volunteer. It was her first volunteering experience. The labeling activity exceeded her expectations. She didn’t expect to see many types of books beyond the general books. During the activity, Sari not only learned to label sorted books per category, but also learned to pack books neatly in a box to minimize shock and drop during the delivery. In addition, she also met new people and gained better understanding on volunteering from other labeling volunteers.

After participating in a volunteering activity at TBI, Sari learned a lot about volunteering. She wanted to tell others that there are actually many additional positive activities that could be done by a homemaker. Moreover, Sari also became an Inovator foster parent – or Orang Tua Inovator – through a donation that would be provided for a child that is a diligent reader at a TBI library, a high achiever and who come from underprivileged family checked and validated by TBI. Sari had been looking for various foundations that channeled donation for children, and she thought the Inovator foster program is on-target, just like what she and her husband had been looking for.

Isn’t it interesting to be a volunteer? Come on, let’s be a volunteer at Taman Baca Inovator!

(Ira Fitriani)