TBI Enthusiastically Welcomes 2019

TBI Enthusiastically Welcomes 2019

TBI Enthusiastically Welcomes 2019

The woman’s hands moved swiftly to arrange books on a shelf. One by one, the books were neatly arranged. She was not alone, the children who visited Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) library helped her from time to time. She worked with continues passion to motivate the children around her. Her name is Mrs. Ani Kasni Prastiawati. Despite some limitations faced, she continues to be committed to advance children’s future in Bantar Gebang, a landfill site in Bekasi.

On the eastern part of Indonesia, precisely in Selaru, Western Southeast Maluku Regency, we also witnessed Ibu Tonu’s continues effort to promote books in her area. She utilizes all her strength to continue to encourage children to read. It is not an easy matter to invite children to read. It takes a lot of effort to make them interested in books. She created various activities to persuade children to read more books.


We also witnessed similar spirits in other parts of Indonesia. One by one, TBI staffs have been starting to show their great works. They help children to be closer to books, inviting them to read with various interesting programs. Indeed, it is not easy to make reading a habit and a culture. Many things need to be sacrificed to achieve that goal. Nevertheless, we believe that through great collaborations, that goal can be realized

Taman Baca Inovator seeks to contribute to educating the nation by developing a reading culture. Books are an integral part of this activity. Books that we distribute must be able to stimulate children’s interest in reading. Books with lots of interesting pictures and stories are the ones that will fill the bookshelves of local TBI libraries in the regions, making children happy with colored books that contain many unique images and are equipped with narratives that are not boring.

Taman Baca Inovator continues to grow and develop. Compared to the human’s age and development, the organization is still very young in its 4 years of operations. It is still learning from its experience. Up to this January 2019, 26 TBI libraries have been established and spread in various places in Indonesia, from North Sumatera to Western Southeast Maluku. Each TBI grows with various local wisdom of the area naturally. Various challenges faced were resolved with opportunities that arose. This is what makes TBI so unique and continuously growing.


There will be many options available for us in 2019. However, growing children’s interest in reading will still be TBI’s focus going forward. Supports from various parties are needed to boost children’s reading interest. Therefore, TBI tries to embrace collaboration with various parties to spread reading spirit in the nation. We must synergize with all components of the nation to realize an Indonesian community that loves to read. (Tri Sujarwo)