My name is Davi Permana, you can just call me Davi. I was born in Bogor, August 21, 2002. I live in Kampong Raweuy RT 01 RW 02 Ciadeg Village, Cigombong District, Bogor Regency. My hobby is playing futsal, and I have a dream of becoming an Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) officer. I want to be a TNI officer because I think of it as a pride for me and especially for my parents. Moreover, being a TNI officer is a very noble profession as I will be guarding the country’s unity. Maybe this dream is too high, a child of a freelance worker who only graduated from elementary school wants to become a soldier, a servant of the state whose task is upholding unity and integrity, but I will never give up. I have always been studying, learning about what I do not know. That is why I like reading books at Taman Baca Innovator (TBI) Isaac Newton library, it is one of my favorite places to go to every day.

I currently study at SMA 1 CIJERUK high school, in grade 10. Thank God, I could take natural science specification. I like learning biology within the natural science topic because we can learn through the subject that not all bacteria are harmful or are parasites. For example, cassava tape (traditional fermented dish) actually utilizes the Saccharomyces cerevisiae bacteria in the cooking process. In addition, there are still many other branches of biology and of course it is very interesting to learn and understand.



Lately, I have been very busy in intra-school organization activities at the Student Council (OSIS). At the Student Council, I play an active role in section 3 focus area, which is about nationalism and defending the country. I formulate work programs for the following year, and I hope my work program would be well implemented. In addition to participating in organizations at schools, I also take part in the OSIS Forum of Bogor Regency, but I am not assigned to any specific sector yet as it is currently in the placement test stage and yet to reach the sector and member placement stage.

At school, I take part in the Paskibra (Flag Hoisting Troop) and Scout extracurricular activities, because in my opinion, these two extracurricular activities can foster confidence. Through Scout, I received knowledge about survival in the forest, while by being a flag bearer I understand about drill commands. Not only that Paskibra taught me about drill commands, but it also taught me about statehood, flag ceremony and the history of the Indonesian people. In the past few weeks, my Paskibra team and I have participated in several competitions. I always practice every time I finished studying at school so that I can win every competition I participate in. I am very happy that my team became the intermediate champion in one of the competitions. My parents always support what I do especially if it is a good thing for me and my future. Father and mother always taught me good things so that I will become a good person that bring benefit to other people.

I don’t want to just be busily involved in organizations and extracurricular activities. As often as possible I use my time to read books in TBI Isaac Newton library. Alhamdulillah, thank God, I am one of the Anak Inovator scholarship recipients. I think Anak Inovator is a very helpful program, both materially and non-materially. I am very grateful for being an Anak Inovator and I have been helped a lot by this program. I hope to continue to be involved in the Anak Inovator program until my high school graduation and, God willing, college graduation. I represent all of the Anak Inovator scholarship recipients when I say that I deeply thank TBI head office and its staffs and the Orang Tua Inovator foster parents for their sacrifices and for their support for me and other Anak Inovator friends.

I always get positive energy from my surroundings. My older sibling is an inspiration to me as she just finished her studies and graduated from university. Looking up to her, I always pursue what I want. I am very motivated, and I hope that the universe is always with me, always guide me, and help me until my dreams are reached and my family is proud of me.

Thank you for everything, I hope my writing will be of use to all, greetings for the dreamers, may our dreams come true and not merely hopes. (Davi Permana)