Striving to Advance Children Education in Pasegan Village, Cipatat

Striving to Advance Children Education in Pasegan Village, Cipatat

Striving to Advance Children Education in Pasegan Village, Cipatat

The first time I went to Pasegan Village to develop the Marie Curie TBI library, I was left with an extraordinary impression. To reach the location, I had to travel for four hours by car or train from Jakarta to Padalarang, and then I had to continue with a two-hour ojek ride to Pasegan Village. The long travel was worth it, though. Located in a limestone hill, the view was amazing, of green hills mixed with limestone, and the air was very fresh. I was greeted with a warm welcome from the children and a puzzled look from the local people. The look, however, was an opportunity for us to enter their lives to introduce early childhood education through the children’s books that we brought with us.

As we continued our journey, we were surprised to find that the only elementary school in the village did not have a permanent set of teachers who teach on a daily basis. Due to the difficult travel, salary, teamwork, and other issues, approximately 90 children in the area could not get a thorough and complete education. Sometimes, three classes were merged into one for drawing lessons.

Based on the situation observed, we thought that the school is the ideal partner for Taman Baca Inovator (TBI) to advance the education of the village. To better the situation, we provided courses that were held 2 times a week for all the children at the school. The courses were held at the TBI library and were taught by Pak Yadi. The children’s response was really good. We could see that some children are very diligently learning in the courses. Pak Yadi taught math, Indonesian, and general knowledge. The lessons were tailored to help children pass their exams.  We sincerely hope that the small step we took could be a good start for the children to have higher academic achievements.

pak yadi 2

For TBI, around 90 children who often visited Marie Curie TBI library were just like gems and they were a treasure for the betterment of education in Pasegan Village. We would continue our effort to facilitate and support them to love knowledge through the books that we provided and the activities we held.

Through this article, we would also like to invite anyone interested to support the courses for children’s education to contact us or to visit the area with us to teach them. The more people who care about the children’s education, the brighter their future would be.

Go Inovator!